lördag, december 24


Today I am going all English on you guys. I am going to talk about cheapsmells.com and some of their products.
The nice people at this web shop was sweet to send me some of the products they sell for a review, and if you know me you know how I love this stuff.

They sent me some awesome cosmetics and I just fell in love with the company after that. Their prices are really good compare to both Swedish and other international websites. And they send from UK, so no taxes or other fees, which is something I hate when I order from USA.

Also the shipping is free when you order for a specific amount, gotta love that. And now I just saw that they have a massive SALE going on.

But most of all, I just like how polite and nice the people who work there are. They feel very genuine and sweet.

Now to the products (for reviews, watch the video):

This is what I found in the bright pink package.

YSL Touch Eclat Radiant Touch (No.1) £17:95 (ca 190 kronor).

Burts Bees Super Shiny Lip Gloss (Zesty Red) £4.49 (ca 50 kronor).

Jemma Kidd Crushed Jewel Creme Duo (01 lolite) £5:95 (ca 65 kronor).

Now I am off to eat some Christmas lunch, have a lovely Christmas everyone!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Trevligt att se att du har det bra bästa glittris! :) Hälsningar från Bombapan med Familj! :) God Jul och gott nytt år! :) ps. Det ska bli en liten pojk! :D

  2. Weeee minibombisapa, önskar er alla tre (två och en halv än så länge =)) den absolut bästa julen. Jag antar att nästa år kommer bli det bästa EVER! Stora kramar.